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Tossing Grenades At Windmills

Tossing Grenades At Windmills is a Podcast about in Order


The Writings of Rhombus Ticks

The now haunted and defunct writings of TC Ricks

An Advertisement for EP Blingermeyer

More Writings of Rhombus Ticks

Space Goats

Disco Zombies

The Four Worlds News Cast


Space Goats

Jan 31, 2018

Brief News Cast of the Four Worlds and the Declaration on Human Rights

Avoid Face Melt off!

Jan 27, 2018

First Birthday Party

Jan 20, 2018

Part 2 of "Making the Demon"

Jan 13, 2018

Rumors of Gay Actors

Jan 6, 2018

A cardinal finds both hell and heaven inescapable in a harsh and inevitable universe where the afterlife is real and terrible.