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Tossing Grenades At Windmills

Tossing Grenades At Windmills is a Podcast about in Order


The Writings of Rhombus Ticks

The now haunted and defunct writings of TC Ricks

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More Writings of Rhombus Ticks

Space Goats

Disco Zombies

The Four Worlds News Cast


Space Goats

Dec 31, 2022

I talk about my experience with the writing track at SFWA and World Con 2011.

Dec 24, 2022

Freight is trapped on a ship designed for weight loss and while he can eat illusionary food to pass the time, his body needs a minimum caloric intake to survive.  Body horror and definite trigger warning as he does what it takes to survive.  Author's commentary and series conclusion the week after this.

Dec 17, 2022

Franz tells his younger self to kill a Time Traveling Goebels who is going to hire him in the future.  Franz does this but his problems only start then.  

Dec 10, 2022

A young woman helps her father build air rifles that will end the curse planted by fire mages that makes guns illegal.

Dec 3, 2022

Ham didnt understand why he was being tried thousands of years in the future for eating a hamburger.  He was some kind of symbol and the penalty for failure was death.  Only the trial in this case was more bizarre and personal than he could imagine.