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Tossing Grenades At Windmills

Tossing Grenades At Windmills is a Podcast about in Order


The Writings of Rhombus Ticks

The now haunted and defunct writings of TC Ricks

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More Writings of Rhombus Ticks

Space Goats

Disco Zombies

The Four Worlds News Cast


Space Goats

Aug 29, 2015

The battle for the town is in full swing and Grenademan is trying to rescue one of the four in the straights of the ....Caribean...which are totally not actually straights.


Written by TC Ricks

Sound Editing: Greyson Bergmann

Editing: Fiona Skye

Performed by Rhombus Ticks

Aug 22, 2015

Naked City is a literary venue in Atlanta with five minutes and a single word theme.  Here are three of those pieces.

Aug 15, 2015

The world finally sees the results of Jarvi's and Chaos's Apocaylpse.  The circle fights them as best they can.

Written by TC Ricks

Edited by Fiona Skye

Sound Editing Grayson Bergmann

Performed by Rhombus Ticks

Aug 9, 2015

Interview w Julia Ricks, wife of quasi deceased podcast founder T.C. Ricks on the day of her last class in Librarian School.

Aug 1, 2015

Rhombus answers some letters from fictional people. Questions.