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Tossing Grenades At Windmills

Tossing Grenades At Windmills is a Podcast about in Order


The Writings of Rhombus Ticks

The now haunted and defunct writings of TC Ricks

An Advertisement for EP Blingermeyer

More Writings of Rhombus Ticks

Space Goats

Disco Zombies

The Four Worlds News Cast


Space Goats

Mar 15, 2020

Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures and EP Blingermeyer is now selling an episode to the Reformed Church of Lord Potato.  Thankfully, 35 minutes of this hour will only be broadcast in Terra but here are 25 minutes of your life you will never get back.


You have been warned.

Mar 1, 2020

The REAL TGAW Podcast, not that political drivel TC dishes out but Robot 1 and Robot 2 with hard hitting commentary on FOUR worlds.  Did they uncover the real source of the Corona Virus outbreak?